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yoga + baby goats + amazing female


dream client!

Visit her site and you will feel zen-ful & happy - I promise.

Take one of her goat yoga classes and your life will be made.

This amazing woman wanted to provide a safe and supportive environment for her therapy patients that left them feeling calm and peaceful. Everything about her brand (logo, colors, website, personality) honors that brand promise. An hour with her and you feel like you have just been to a spa - physically & emotionally!

Dr. Jeannine Jannot is a Ph.D. in problem solving. Literally. She has a doctorate in child and developmental psychology and has spent years helping teen and young adults customize strategies to achieve success. She has now created The Balance U to help adults be productive and well!

Amy Lyle is an author, actor and comedienne. She just launched her new book "The Amy Benigar Kimmes Lyle Book of Failures" and it is hilarious! She is medium hot and maximum funny and her new site is spectacular!

Beverly is a seasoned psychotherapist, having worked with individuals, couples and groups for over 23 years. Although she is a licensed practitioner, her ongoing training and development has formed the basis of her approach to helping people.

Are you in need of some inspiration? Are you looking to find your joy? Do you need to get your swagger back? Kelly Fredrickson is the woman you need to meet. She has walked in your shoes and through her inspiring words and her year of whittling, she will empower and inspire and make you feel like you belong.

As parents, it is difficult knowing the "right or best" way to handle parenting situations. As LGBTQ parents, sometimes it can be even harder. Susan has created a community where you are accepted, respected, validated, empowered and loved.

"Every woman is necessary. And in that journey, I am here for you. I am reliable and steady. You can lean on me. I hear you, I see you and believe in you, I recognize you and relate to you, soul to soul. That is my life work."     Jacquie Donahue

She is that and so much more!

Whether it is the relationship you have with yourself, with food, or with a loved one, Jenny Bartosek will help you heal those relationships to improve the 

quality of your life.

Together, Erica and Jenny offer a new way of looking at our bodies, food, and ourselves. If these types of changes were easy, you would have done it already. They have the experience and ability to help you finally clarify these often complicated issues.  


Positively Female is a society for empowered women. The group is all about connecting vs. competing and inspiring other women to be their very best, most amazing selves.


Dr. Natasha Thomas has created a place where people can gain insights into the world of thoughts, emotions, resilience and those conditions we call “mental disorders.”

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