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the Taylor Street process

Consultation | Outline | Schedule


It all starts with a meeting - either in person (preferred) or virtual. During this initial consultation, we will get to know each other. I will learn all about you, your business and your needs. You will learn all about me, my process and what I offer. This is where we will decide if we are a perfect fit.

If we are, then I will put together a project outline - that will include everything from cost to timing to details & homework (yours & mine) to next steps. Everything that you will want and need to know will be included in your personalized project plan. This will take me about 1 week to complete. We will review it together to ensure that we are all set to dive right in. If you approve of your plan, we will move on to the second step.


Inspiration | Design | Mood

Now that your personalized project plan is complete, we get to move into the fun part - defining your brand. During this step you will complete the Branding Questionnaire that you received in your personalized project plan. This will guide you through a series of questions that will help us define your likes & dislikes, what things {colors, styles, fonts, etc} give you all the feels (good & bad).


I will also ask you to start creating an "inspiration board". This will be a fun exercise for you and I will walk you through exactly how to create it. And trust me - your "inspiration board" will be the most important part of this entire design process (and the most fun)!


Building | Tweaking | Approving

The third step is all about the "doing". This is where I will take all of your input - from your Branding Questionnaire and your Inspiration Board - and work my design magic! Whether we are working on a Website Refresh, a custom Website Design or a full Brand Build Out, this is the step in the process that it all comes to life.

After the design is in place, we will meet to go through every detail. In every project plan, I build in two rounds of edits during this step to ensure that we have the time and budget to get everything just how  you like it. But (and it's a big one) there are ONLY two rounds - so that means I will need for you to be focused, intentional and dedicated to a thorough review. 

Once we complete the two rounds of edits you will be ready for the fourth and final step ...



We have done the work and the day has finally arrived - LAUNCH Day! I will walk you through your Launch Day Checklist that includes:


  Walking through all of the WIX platform

        options (if we haven't already)

  Ensuring that everything is "technically" all set

        with your website

  Making sure you feel confident in knowing how

        to navigate your website

  Pushing your site LIVE!

After launch, I will be available for thirty days to help answer questions, make tweaks, etc. During that time I will make sure that you are ready to take control of your website & branding and crush it like a boss!

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