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Website Design for Therapists


Therapist & Practitioner Websites

that integrate seamlessly with your client portal

Need a site that looks as great as you make people feel?

You already know there's no one-size-fits-all approach to helping people, and design is the same way. Grab a little couch time for yourself and I'll ease your mind about the best colors, layout, images and fonts that help you show up exactly as you want to be seen by your ideal clients.

It doesn't matter if you already have a site or we're starting from scratch...I'll design the perfect look for you that demonstrates your expertise AND meets all your compliance needs (HIPPA doesn't scare me).

Even if you don't know where to start...I can help.

Everyone needs a little help. Even the Helpers!

If you're like most therapists I design for, filling your days with sessions for others leaves very little time to work on your business. You need a website that works as hard as you do—giving you more time to focus on you and your clients.

Let's make you stand out.

In about two weeks, you'll have a custom website with unique branding that's:

  • perfectly branded to match your energy, vibe, personality ensuring full authenticity at every touchpoint

  • fully integrated into your current client portal system (read: compliant)

  • easy to navigate and book your services

  • automated to drive to your specific calendar / booking process

  • convenient for clients and prospects to connect with you

  • accessible and designed to answer all the questions that new clients have (faq's are your new bff)

Let your site work as hard for your business as you do for your clients.

Sneak a peak of a few of our fav's

Picking a favorite client is like picking a favorite kid—it's impossible. 

But there are some elements of our designs that we truly love. 


All of our custom sites include:

Home Page  •  About Page  •  Service Page  •  Contact Page  •  Link to Client Portal System  •  Form Downloads

(plus additional pages and templates for blogs and content as needed)​​

Website Design for Therapists
Website Design for Therapists

Peachtree Psychology

clean • easy to navigate • on brand • detailed • comprehensive

Website Design for Therapists
Website Design for Therapists

Mosaic Relationship Center

bold • prominent • client portal link • easy to access

Website Design for Therapists

High Street Counseling

modern • direct  call to action• branded imagery • inviting 

Hi, I'm Kellie!

Not only am I the daughter of a psychologist (hello "family meetings") and a BIG fan of couch-time for everyone, myself included—I have also worked with many, many therapists and licensed practitioners helping them launch custom websites that continue to serve their practices well.

I have been branding businesses and designing websites for nearly a decade—working with entrepreneurs across a multitude of industries. From the non-profits to the creatives to the sellers to the helpers and the healers—there is nothing I love more than designing online spaces for people living their dreams.

The key to designing the perfect website is two-fold:

  • First it must feel like a natural extension of your brand. From the design to the flow to the imagery to the content—visitors to your site should leave feeling like they know you. Authenticity is key.

  • Second it must work as hard for your practice as you do. Automation is your business bff...

    • "what services do you provide? we have a link for that."

    • "what should I expect on my first visit? here is a link to all the information you will need."

    • "how can I schedule an appointment? just click here."

    • and on and on and on...

Website Design for Therapists

Sign up for a FREE consultation and let's see if we are a good fit.

More Ways I Can Help

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You have your brilliant business idea. You know it will solve problems and change lives (or at least help people). You are the right amount of nervous with equal parts excited. Now it's time to launch this beautiful thing into the world. 

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Website Design for Therapists
Website Design for Therapists
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