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from Planning to Podcasting

Have you ever wanted to be a podcast host, but just didn't know what you would talk about? Or maybe you have the perfect idea for a topic but have no idea how to get it started? Or maybe you have started and stopped a million times because you get overwhelmed and stressed? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, this is the course for you. I am going to teach you to how to simply and easily (and with some fun) launch the podcast of your dreams with just your phone, a bluetooth microphone (optional) and under $150. I am going to walk you through the "non-process" process that I used to launch my podcast - The Next Twenty-Three with Kellie Taylor - that will guide you every step of the way. In this course, we will cover everything from finding your WHY, to choosing a topic to developing your creative style, to finding the right equipment and platforms that work for you, to editing each episode and much, much more. This course is designed for people who have something they want to share out into the world and don't have an entire production team on retainer to help them do it. Consider me your production team. We will get your brilliant idea out there - together.




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