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for creative entrepreneurs

need to talk it out?

I love helping entrepreneurs strategize about their businesses. 

  • Are you an entrepreneur who is just starting out?

  • Do you have a brilliant idea that you want to bring into the world?

  • Are you wanting to talk through your ideas with someone who understands where you are in your start-up?

  • Trying to build your confidence while building your strategy?

  • Looking for a sounding board who will keep you on the right path?

If you answered YES to these questions, Coaching may be for you.

Everyone needs a Hype-Girl

Whatever it is you are struggling with, sometimes—most times—all you need is someone to talk to. Someone you can bounce ideas off of. Someone who can match your energy and help you see what might be right in front of you. Someone who has an outside perspective and can view you through an unbiased lens. I am that someone. Cheering you on and helping you see your strengths and navigating your entrepreneurial path are my superpowers. 

Let me be your personal Hype-Girl.

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Kellie Taylor.JPG

Sign up for a FREE consultation and let's see if we are a good fit.

$165 per hour after first FREE session. Schedule as needed. No minimums or contracts required.

More Ways I Can Help

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Brand Kits

You have your brilliant business idea. You know it will solve problems and change lives (or at least help people). You are the right amount of nervous with equal parts excited. Now it's time to launch this beautiful thing into the world. 

Podcast Course

Do you want to be a podcast host, but don't know what you would talk about? Or maybe you have the perfect idea for a topic but have no idea how to get started? This course will get you from planning to podcasting with ease, low cost and fun.

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