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from Planning to Podcasting: launch your idea with ease

Dreaming of being a Podcast Host?

This course teaches you how to plan, create and launch your podcast with simplicity, ease and fun. 

there is just one problem:

Launching a podcast is easier said than done.

We get it. You have this incredible dream of hosting your very own podcast but you have not idea where to start–or perhaps even HOW to start.

  • Struggling with choosing a topic?

  • Not savvy with technology?

  • No idea where to even start?

  • Completely confused with what equipment you need?

  • Can't land on a name?

  • Doubting your design skills?

Podcast Course.png

don't you worry...

We've got you covered!

This course will  teach you to how to simply and easily (and with some fun) launch the podcast of your dreams with just your phone, a bluetooth microphone (optional) and no design skills required. 

Course Contents

From Planning to Podcasting Course.png

Start Your Podcasting Journey Today.

If you've been wanting to start a podcast but don't know where to begin, this Course is the perfect solution. Our step-by-step approach makes the podcasting process simple and easy to understand. From brainstorming ideas to editing your episodes, we'll guide you through it all.


Launch your podcast with ease with unlimited access to our course materials.

from Planning to Podcasting Course.jpg
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