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What is your Brand?

If you are thinking about starting a business, have just started one or are knee deep in details, you have probably given this question a LOT of thought. What will your business name be? What will your logo look like? What are your brand colors? What will your website look like? This is your brand, right?

Not exactly.

Your Brand is NOT a logo or website or colors or name.

Your Brand is a Promise.

You promise to do this thing, for these people, in the way.

Once you define your Brand Promise (by completing that statement), then everything else should ladder to that. All of the branded elements that make up your business (logo, colors, website, name, customer experience, etc.) should all keep your promise.

Need an example?

Here is the Taylor Street promise:


I promise to develop branding and design websites for

female entrepreneurs through a creative, collaborative and empowered process.


Every decision I make for my business must align with this promise. It makes all the things so much easier - from communications to services I provide to website updates to curating my social media feeds to my own personal branding. If I think about posting something that does not live up to my brand promise, guess what - I don't post it. Period. If I need to market my business to other organizations, I first ensure that everything (from my writing style to my photography choices to my personal interactions) all feel creative, collaborative and empowered. Period.

If branding and marketing don't come easy for you, I know it can be overwhelming at times to know what the "next right thing" is for your business (I LOVE Glennon Doyle Melton). Don't stress or let yourself come completely undone.


Just keep coming back to your promise and everything will work out...

In business AND in life. I promise.


with Confidence & Courage:

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