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"Social media is seriously stressing me out!"

We've all heard it and we know it's true: "You need to grow your followers" | "You need more 'likes'" | "You need to stay connected"

But all of this liking and following and connecting can be so time consuming and confusing! It is so hard to know which platform is right for you and your business and to find the right images and words and don't even get me started on finding time to keep up with it Every. Single. Day.

It is maddening!

But it doesn't have to be.

You don't have to be an expert in ever single platform. You don't even have to be an expert at one of them. You just need to really know YOUR brand and stay true to that. And here are a few tips that can help you navigate the Social Media world and keep your sanity at the same time ...

Focus on 1 platform at a time.

  • Don't feel pressure to be everywhere all the time. Choose the best platform for your business and focus on that one.

  • Learn as much as you can about how to make that one platform work the hardest for you.

  • Be intentional with your posts - build a relationship with your followers.

Be true to your Brand.

  • Make sure all your images are on brand. Be intentional about curating your feeds so you are proud to share it.

  • Make sure everything you share is true to your brand voice and your brand promise. Don't ever post something that doesn't sound like you or your brand. Be "real" in everything you say.

  • Use stock images - there are so many free resources out there that is no excuse to post crappy images.

Enlist help.

  • Find someone who is really good at Social Media and get them to help you. Whether it's your kids or an intern or someone on your team who is a Super Snap Chatter - train them up on your brand and then let them do what they love to do!

  • Just be sure you are keeping a close eye on everything they post - to ensure it is on Brand!

  • Work with Taylor Street Designs - we love to help with this!

(We can help you understand the right Social platforms for your business, design and curate beautiful feeds and schedule and manage your posting calendar.)

No matter what, don't freak out. Social Media is super important for your business and your brand but it isn't something to fear. Embrace it, learn about it and have fun with it. Just do it responsibly. Don't let it suck all your time and energy - it's not THAT important.


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