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5 Things to Talk About on Instagram

Are you building your empire and crushing all your goals and kicking a$$ and doing all the things every single day but feel like you are drowning in drought of Instagram Insomnia? I totally hear you and I get you and I have been there. But I am also here to help.

Just like everything else in your business, Instagram is something that can be widely beneficial while at the same time impossibly overwhelming - if you let it. But here's the trick to not letting it:


Break. It. Down.


When planning out your Instagram content, you can start with creating categories that help you focus on ideas and topics without getting overwhelmed which leads to creative blocks. And the good news is, you can recycle your categories on a weekly basis without feeling repetitive or stale. There are so many topics within each category that you can post for months and months and months - no more drought.

And to help you get started, we are giving you 3 tips for organizing your content and 5 categories to use that will get you out of your Instagram Insomnia and into being the social media queen that you know you are.


Tip #1: Set one category for each day of the week.

This will help you to establish a routine with your content creation to make it easy for you, but since there are endless topics within each category, your followers won't get bored and your posts won't feel stale.


TIP #2: Pick one day each week / month / quarter to plan out your topics within each category.

This is a technique called "batching" and it helps you stay ahead of the game and reduces that last minute guilt and anxiety. It also helps prevent your Instagram from falling to the bottom of your to-do list. Set up a content calendar and decide ahead of time which topics you want to post about within each of your categories.


TIP #3: Keep a folder of images for easy access.

This is a critical step in managing your Instagram feed without overwhelm! Once you have selected your categories and come up with some topics within said category, be sure to start collecting and saving images that are related to each topic in a folder. I use Dropbox so that I can access it from my laptop and my phone (again - makes is easy to execute).

When selecting your images, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS do these things:

- Make sure you have the rights to use the images in your social feed (use non-copyrighted images, use your

own photography, get permission)

- Make sure the images are branded to YOUR brand and that you are very intentional with the design of your


- Make sure your images are professional looking, sharp, in focus and on brand


Category 1: Choose topics that YOU love.

If you post about things that you are interested in, love to do, are passionate about, it will be so easy to create content.

* Do you love to travel? Post pictures of your favorite places.

* Do you love to cook? Share your favorite recipes.

* Do you love your pets? Endless supply of content here.

* Do you love food? Take pictures of your favorite dishes.

* Do you love your home town? Share your favorite hot spots.

* Do you love gardening? Share pics of your favorite flowers.

* Do you love donuts? Who doesn't.

* Do you love fashion? Share your favorite styles.

Not only does this give you endless opportunities for content, it also allows your followers to feel more connected to you.


Category 2: Share a little bit about YOU.

In order for people to like you and trust you, then need to know you. Find ways to introduce yourself to your followers often. Share unique and fun things about yourself that people can relate to.

You can pick a day of the week to do introductions and tell 3 new things about yourself. Then ask your followers to introduce themselves.

You can make a game out of it (to get your followers engaged):

  • 2 truths and a lie

  • Guess where I've been

  • Have fun with pictures

No matter what you decide to do, make it fun, make it interesting and keep it personal. But be sure you are only sharing what you WANT to share. Boundaries are always good.


Category 3: Share a little INSPIRATION.

This is one of my all time favorite categories. I probably use this one a little too much. I love to share inspiring quotes. It's easy to create them in your brand (colors / fonts) with apps like Canva.

You can find inspiration just about anywhere. Whenever I read or hear something amazing I write it down (post-it note, notebook, NOTES on my phone, even on my hand if I have to).

While Instagram is all about the visual, words have a way of moving your soul like none other. You can find inspiration in:

  • Books

  • People

  • Song Lyrics

  • Poems

  • Articles

  • Signs

  • Pretty much anywhere

Just be sure that you ALWAYS give proper credit. And tag the author.


Category 4: Share a business tip.

Another GREAT way to build trust and loyalty with your followers is to give them value - for FREE. As a business owner, it's not always about sell, sell, sell. You have to offer people valuable information, ideas, help, insights, in order to establish trust and position yourself as an expert in your field.

There are millions of ways to offer said value without it costing you a lot of money. You just need to be creative and generous with your time and talents.

Another great benefit of offering a FREEBIE to your followers is it gives you the opportunity to build your email list. Offering something valuable in exchange for their email address is an incredibly savvy business tactic and a great way to grow your client base.


Category 5: Celebrate Special Days.

This is an easy one. I think there is a National *Something* Day just about 365 days of the year. I use this one as my last category and treat it as a "filler" to my content calendar. It can be really fun to highlight unique, special, random or bizarre days.

Definitely post about the important and major events/holidays that you celebrate, but also pepper in some of the obscure days that fit with your brand or personality.

This will not only give you excellent content for your feed, but help give your followers a little more insight into you and your brand.

And it's easy to come up with. Just Google It.

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