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Why I Stopped Chasing My Dreams

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Isn't it funny how certain words can have such a strong impact on our thoughts and emotions? Sometimes you hear a word or phrase and you are instantly transported back to high school. Or sometimes you hear a word and it gives you all the feels deep in your soul.

The word CHASE is one of those words for me.

I absolutely hate to run. As a kid, my very least favorite game was Freeze Tag. I hated being chased (it terrified me) and I hated having to chase people (it was exhausting). As an adult, my least favorite form of exercise is anything having to do with running. I run like a duck. Within 30 seconds of starting I start huffing and puffing like I have been smoking for decades (and just to note - I have never taken a single puff from a cig.) I am clumsy and awkward and usually start to feel like I might die at any moment.

So, basically, running is not my jam.

That is why I have never been inspired or motivated when people tell me to "Chase my Dreams". What? That sounds absolutely like the worst idea on the planet.

No thank you.

Now, FOLLOWING my Dreams. That is something I can get behind. Follow the Leader was one of my favorite games as a kid. There was no pressure but you never new where you were going to end up. It was super exciting to me. I love to follow inspiring people on Instagram - who doesn't? I love to follow through on projects. I love to follow my heart.

So the thought of following my dreams makes me happy. It inspires me to dream big. It makes me feel like I can do anything. It makes me feel like I am not alone. The possibilities are endless. There is no fear for me in following.

But I also know that some women love the thrill of the chase. The adrenaline that they feel from all that oxygen coursing through the lungs makes them feel alive. One of my best friends was a cross country runner in college and she absolutely LOVES to run. I have a feeling that the idea of chasing her dreams would fuel her passion and inspire her in a way that I will never understand.

It took me a long time to realize that it actually is completely okay for me to choose following over chasing. In my head I always wanted to the that badass, adventure seeker that was brave enough and bold enough to chase her dreams no matter where they took her. I knew in my heart I wasn't that kind of person and for years I was disappointed in myself thinking that I wasn't ever going to be the woman I wanted to be.

And then it hit me, I actually AM a badass, adventure seeker who is brave and bold because I FOLLOW my dreams!


Yes, yes I am. I will never run a marathon or organize the worlds largest game of freeze tag or understand how any living soul can find pleasure in the feeling that your lungs may explode, but you better believe I will keep following my dreams and crushing my goals and never quit finding inspiration in badass, brave, bold women.


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