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My Favorite Podcasts for Working Out

As we roll through January I am thinking it is getting harder and harder for us to stick to our New Year's Resolutions - right? I know that I actually don't even make them any more because I NEVER keep them long. However, I did join a gym at the end of 2018 and, while not a resolution, I am trying be damndest to keep going.

You guys know how much I HATE to work out.

But one thing that has kept me motivated is this is the one time throughout the day that I can listen to podcasts! And I love me some good inspirational motivation.

Here are some of my all time favorites:

I am definitely a little partial to this one, but even if I wasn't making out with this hottie, I would still be a loyal listener because he is smart and gives amazing advice and is a great interviewer. And his guests are equally as smart and inspiring.

He also has a fantastic course for first time entrepreneurs:


As most of you know I am a HUGE fan girl of Rachel Hollis. Her book - Girl, Wash Your Face - is extraordinary and I am anxiously waiting for her next book - Girl, Stop Apologizing - to show up in my mailbox.

Her podcast is exactly the thing that gets me through the devil that is the treadmill.

I have also joined her new Business Coaching that starts this month and I Can. Not. Wait.


Jenna Kutcher is another one of my favorites! I am a huge fan girl of this amazing woman. She is an amazing photographer, which is how I originally fell in love, but then she moved into the motivation space and started help women grow their businesses and social media following.

I took her Instagram Course - which is amazing and this is the year that I will actually start implementing all the things!


Amy Porterfield is another total Girl Boss whose podcast is a God Send for those painful workout sessions. She is full of inspiration and graciously gives her ideas, advice and coaching away to help women build and grow their business.


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