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Happy New Year! I have never been one to make (and certainly not keep) resolutions, but I have always LOVED January. The start of a new, fresh year just bursting with potential. It's exciting and invigorating. There is something about cracking open a brand new calendar that really gets me going.

Happy New Year 2024 - New Calendar

Everything is still an opportunity. Nothing has yet to be tainted by struggle or "failure". Dreams are new and pure and the possibilities are endless!

This is why, for 2024, instead of a list of things I need to quit, or lose, or stop doing - I have made a list of things I want MORE of. Things that light my soul on fire. Things that will only make my life better. Things that I know, if I focus on them, they will make me a better human.

I don't know the science behind it, but my life has proven time and time again, the more I focus on something, the more I see it reflected back all around me.

This is what I want MORE if in 2024...

MORE Joy - I want more happiness and joy for myself, my kids, my family & friends and you. The best part about emotions is that they are infinite. There is enough joy and happiness for ALL of us forever and ever. It will never run out. Sure there may be times that it's harder to find than others, but it's always there - waiting for us to embrace it.

MORE Love - This one is two-fold. I want to give more love this year and I want to be loved more. While I know being loved is not fully in my control, I do believe the more love we give the more we get in return. The good news is it isn't hard to love your people. You don't need money or power or prestige. You just need time. The best way to give love is to give people your time and attention. That's it. Just show up and show that you care. Sit with your people in their pain and celebrate with them in their happiness. It's that simple.

MORE Laughter - This is a big one for me. One of my favorite emotions is laughter and I want more of it in every area of my life. The key to more laughter (and fun) is to stop taking everything so seriously. It can take some time, but if you can find the funny in any situation, you can embrace the good and the bad with a force that will change your perspective - every time. And let's be honest, laughing just feels so freaking good!

MORE Adventure - Big and little. Bold and beautiful. I want more adventure in my life. Not just travel, but exciting adventure in all areas of my life. Adventure in my career. Adventure in my relationships. Adventure in my hobbies. When you open yourself up to saying YES to more adventure, you never know where your life is going to go. And that, my friend, is so exciting.

MORE Peace - This is something I have worked hard on over the past 3 years and I have achieved a level of peace in my life that I haven't seen in decades. And this is something that I am keeping a sacred. hold on and will only let things/people in my life that bring even more peace. Don't even think about trying to mess with that - once you have it, it's worth giving it your all to keep.

MORE Money - Yep - I said it. I want more money this year. I have never quite understood why it's so taboo to talk about money. I think it is empowering and inspiring to talk about, dream about and work hard to make more money. I have 2 kids in college so it is necessary, but it is also something that builds my confidence and reminds me what my talents are worth (albeit not the only thing). We need to normalize talking about money with each other. We need to stop judging each other for the money we have or don't have. We need to cheer each other on as we all work hard to make more. So here's to more money and more conversations about money this year. Here's to helping each other create wealth, build wealth and share wealth. Here's to having each other's backs and talking each other up in front of opportunities.

More of the good stuff this year. Let's get it!


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