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Your One Wild & Precious Life

I had dinner with a sweet and inspiring friend last night and it was such a gift. She is on a journey to figure out what it is she should do with her one Wild and Precious life. She is doing the hard things with beauty and grace and boldness while being inspiring and lovely and brave. I am a better person today because of our dinner last night.

We talked about self-care vs. self-centered. We talked about what it looks like to walk down this path and the scary implications of changing who you are and who you have been. We laughed a lot and cried a little. We talked about how these journeys impact those we love the most and how that impact makes it hard to keep going sometimes. We talked about the great importance of having a tribe of people who will support you and celebrate you and hold you and cheer you on and cry with you and check in on you and hug you and walk with you on this journey.

Today, as I have thought about all the heart swelling, soul filling conversation from last night, I have been consumed with feelings of:

  • Gratitude for this amazing friend who so bravely inspires

  • Thankfulness for honest and raw conversations

  • Joy for the freedom to walk our own journeys

  • Appreciation for my tribe

  • Love for those doing the hard things

  • Empowerment to show our girls what strong really means

  • Conviction for always accepting and never judging

If you are starting a journey to find out what you want out of your one sweet and wonderful life, I hope you have a friend who can make you feel this way.

If you are further down the path, I hope you can BE this kind of friend to someone.

Here’s to the ones that make us better!


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