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As a female entrepreneur it is easy to feel stressed and be overwhelmed. There are SO MANY things to do. And while we pride ourselves on being able to manage a million things at one time and still remember our kids drive-thru order - down to the fruit punch with no ice - there are days we can't even remember to pull down the underwear BEFORE we pee. True Story. Twice.

The bigger our dreams, the more there is to do.

I am always looking for inspiration and help in this area. And I find it comes from the most amazing and random of places.

A while back I ran across an adorable calligrapher and copywriter - Ashlyn Writes. She is from right here in Atlanta and I immediately fell in love with her sweet southern drawl and her beautiful work. I signed up for her email list in order to be able to refer my clients that needed help with copy for their websites to her. Little did I know that months later, I would be introduced to a super helpful, super easy platform for keeping all of my sh!t together in one place - Trello.

After watching her incredibly helpful video tutorial, I was on my way to being productive and saving myself loads of time. Brilliant.

Another casualty of ovHERwhelm, is that we tend to be too tired, too busy, too stressed, too guilty or too frazzled to pause and dream. A good friend of mine, Dr. Jeannine Jannot of The Balanced U told me that I shouldn't feel guilty or bad about taking a step back and pausing the business. It's in these times that the magic can happen. You need to rest your eyes and your brain and your heart and your soul in order to remember the big, bold, amazing dream. You need to step out of the hustle and chaos and multi-tasking in order to feel the energy and inspiration of that dream.

I just finished reading "Girl, Wash Your Face" by Rachel Hollis (crazy fantastic, by the way!) In it she talks about how she visualizes, in great detail, all of her big and wild dreams. Down to what she will wear when she accomplishes them and what music will be playing and how she will feel. I'm not going to give too much detail here because I don't want to spoil the book - you HAVE to read it - but I will say that ever since I read that part, I have been so excited and happy and energized by thinking of all the small little details that make up my dream. I do this while in the pausing moments and it actually has made the working moments more productive and more enjoyable and more empowering...

and so much less ovHERwhelming.

So to sum it all up:

And don't forget to pull the underwear down BEFORE you pee.

*none of lovely ladies are affiliates or are paying me. I just love what they are offering to the world and have gotten so much from them. I feel like I should be paying them.


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